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Worker’s Charta

(1) This document describes the rules we follow when working as a team.

(2) This document is not a contract. When you observe that you or somebody else fails in complying with these rules, then be upright, bold and fair: share your observation with others and do your best to fix either the rules or the behaviour.

Our goals

(3) Our main goal is to help other people with using Lino.

(4) The only difference between a customer and other people is that customers get top-level priority.

(5) We maintain Lino and adapt it to changes in underlying technologies

(6) We share the result of our work because we consider it a contribution to the public common.

Working time

(7) When you work for Lino, then you should register your working time in Jane.

(8) When you register your working times, then you should do it rigorously and correctly. If you are not online when working, then take care of registering them as soon as you get online again.

(9) Your salary does not depend on your working time. It depends on (a) your needs, (b) the available money and (c) the estimated value for our team.

(10) Your value for our team is evaluated long-term.

(11) If you are tired, worried about other things, needed by other people, etc… don’t feel obliged to sit in front of your computer playing to you or others that you are working.

(12) Inspiration is not predictable. If you have an idea that fascinates you, write a ticket in Jane to share your idea with us.

(13) Reporting about what you did and why you did it is more important than the result of your work. If you fail to explain why you did something, the result of your work is in danger of getting lost because somebody else undoes it.

(14) Don’t be afraid of doing useless work. Actually the only useless work is work you don’t share with others. If you worked a whole day on a series of code changes and then realize that “this is bullshit” and decide to throw them away: don’t be ashamed. that’s life. Formulate your initial idea and how you discovered that you were wrong, share your experience with those who might be interested in some fare future.

(15) Life is more important than work

(16) Get the habit of reporting what you did today before stopping your session. Stop working 15 minutes earlier than needed and write down what you did. Keep in mind that tomorrow you maybe get some urgent task to do, which takes a week, and after that week you will have difficulties to remember what you did today.