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We are open to partnership agreements with Lino hosting providers. Here is a draft of how our partnership would look like. We are open to your suggestions.

In general we would collaborate together on our common goal, which is to help other people to get started with Lino and to use it in production. We don’t regulate every detail, we don’t write invoices to each other about our respective hours, each of us simply gives their best. We help each other to assume our responsibilities.

  • Your main job is to provide reliable Lino servers with a backup plan and general security warranted.

  • Our main job is to install Lino on these servers and to give support to your customer.

  • We sign a confidentiality statement (e.g. this one) so that we have a legal base for trusting each other. This is not about money, just about trust.

To find customers. Check out how we are doing this and either copy our methods of use your own. You may maintain your own commercial website.

You design your sales strategy and price system. When you start making profit from Lino, you decide yourself how much of your profit to forward to us. For example it’s basically okay if you make 20000€ per year and decide that we get only 50€ from this, but please explain to us why you think that this is a just distribution. We would report to each other how much turnover each of us makes using Lino.

You would write the contracts with your customer. If the customer is not satisfied with our common work, they simply end their membership.

Our long-term condition is that Lino remains free software (AGPL licensed). The legal copyright holder is currently Rumma & Ko Ltd, but we plan to find or create a non-profit entity that would become the official copyright holder.

We might move our server (https:/www.lino-framework.org) to one of your servers. This server currently hosts our Lino demo applications plus the miscellaneous static documentation websites. It currently has 2GB of RAM and 15 GB of disk space. 2GB is actually a bit small, 8 GB would be better. This server currently costs us some 4€ per month. We would gratefully accept if you would host this server for free as your contribution to our collaboration.