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What we do

We help our customers to use their customized database applications developed with Lino or its predecessor TIM. We also help with other free software.


We help you to set up and host your Lino site.

Easiest formula: we do the hosting for you. We care about backups, availability and security.

As your Lino site grows and the number of users increases, you might reach a point where you want to care yourself about hosting it. We encourage this evolution and eventually invite you to grow into a self-hosting Lino site owner. We give support to your server administrator so that you become and remain the sovereign owner of your database.


We provide long-term maintenance and support for TIM, the predecessor of Lino. We are proud to say that TIM is being used since 1992 and still being used and loved in 2023.

TIM was written by Luc since 1993 for PAC Systems (renamed to AbAKUS in 2008). It is a customizable software application for small and medium-sized companies, used for invoicing, accounting, warehouse management, etc. It is written in Clipper (now compiled using Alaska xBase++).

Other software

Our work with Lino makes us use other software products, for which we provide expert service and support.

We use Linux as operating system on our servers and our desktop computers. We have more than 20 years of experience with the Python programming language. We have been using the Django framework the Sphinx documentation tools since their beginnings have acquired expert-level knowledge.

We also offer support and training for Free Software applications like LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox, GIMP and Inkscape.