What we do

Lino hosting

We help you to get your own Lino site: hosting, development, support, training and maintenance.

Lino has a selection of ready-to-use Lino applications

We recommend all-in-one contracts with a yearly or monthly membership fee. A membership fee is a service level agreement, not a license, because Lino is 100% sustainably free and open-source software.

Starting price is 42€ per month per user. Price plus VAT per user per month with yearly invoicing. Adapted every year after the Belgian health price index (base January 2021). “Per user” means the number of simultaneous user sessions: you may have an unlimited number of site users, but only a given number of them can access the site at a same moment.

Tempting conditions for newcomers:

  • Free evaluation phase: we set up your individual evaluation site with your protected data for up to 3 months.

  • No obligation to buy: You can stop your evaluation phase at any moment and delete all your data.

  • Free support during the first month after contract start.

Operating a stable Lino site has a low total cost of ownership because you need quasi no support once you are up and running. No forced upgrades. Synodal software means a price aiming long-lasting satisfaction for both partners.

Every Lino site is customized for you. Lino remains a powerful and flexible tool that grows with your needs.

As your Lino site grows and the number of users increases, you might reach a point where you want to care yourself about hosting it. We encourage this evolution and eventually invite you to grow into a self-hosting Lino site owner.

We give support to your server administrator so that you become and remain the sovereign owner of your database.

Lino applications

Lino applications feature a wide range of highly customizable and integrated modules for

  • contacts management

  • calendar – fully integrated into your other data

  • reception and waiting room management

  • enrollment management for activities, courses, events or travels

  • standard office functionality – uploads, excerpts, comments, summaries, reports

  • client coaching

  • households and family members

  • job search assistance – skills, career and curriculum

  • invoicing – automatically generate invoices

  • accounting – general ledger, purchases, bank statements, payment orders, VAT declarations

  • issue tracker and project management

  • work time tracking and service reports

You want a Lino if

  • you need a customized database application

  • you want a stable and long-term solution with low maintenance costs

  • you want to participate in analysis and testing

  • you want to continue using our software even when our collaboration would come to an end

  • you want the software created by our common efforts to be shared with others

Read more about Lino on https://www.lino-framework.org

Lino Welfare Product sheet (French)

Other software

We also offer individual support and training for Free Software products like Linux, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox, GIMP and Inkscape.

Our work with Lino makes us use many other software products, for which we provide expert service and support.

We use Linux as operating system on our servers and our desktop computers.

We have more than 12 years of experience with the Python programming language.

Our flagship tool, Lino, is based on the Django framework. We have more than 10 years of experience using it.

Sphinx is the standard documentation generator tool of the Python world. We have been using it since its beginnings and have acquired expert-level knoeledge.

Service Level Agreements

The co-operation between us and our customers is regulated by service level agreements.

Our services include

  • analysis – we help you to formulate what you need

  • development – we write the application you need

  • hosting – we offer different Linux hosting services depending on your needs

  • maintenance – we help you to optimize your work and apply upgrades when you want them

  • hotline – we answer your questions about Lino

  • training – we write end-user documentation and organize trainings

TIM maintenance and support

We provide long-term support for TIM the venerable predecessor of Lino. Actively being used since 1992 and still competitive and loved in 2023.

Does a good farmer neglect a crop he has planted?
Does a good teacher overlook even the most humble student?
Does a good father allow a single child to starve?
Does a good programmer refuse to maintain his code?