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We need people of any background. The only real condition is that you want to help us realize our vision.

We invite Python developers to discover our Developer Guide and start an internship.

We invite Linux system administrators to get some Lino site up and running.

We also need non-technical staff. Here are some responsibilities we’d love to delegate:

  • Show and explain Lino to people who might need it.

  • Test existing Lino applications and tell us what’s missing.

  • Do the accounting stuff and administrative work

  • Maintain our websites and commercial documentation about Lino.

  • Discuss with business partners and write contracts.

  • Write project descriptions and apply for public money funding.

Regarding salary we will find an agreement that satisfies both sides because we are a synodal team.

We believe that writing good software is an art, and that software developers should work and get paid like artists.

Because we work exclusively with Free Software, we expect people to contribute mainly because they want to do something useful, not mainly because they want money. Of course developers are humans who need money for living. We pay our workers with a monthly fixed salary and in long-term relationships. We expect our workers to be motivated, inspired, to love their job. Of course they also need the patience to share their ideas and skills in our remote and asynchronous team. You decide yourself how many hours you work for Lino. Your working time and availability can vary in function of reality. If we decide to pay you a salary, you will usually get it in advance, at the beginning of the month. If you want to change the salary, you simply make a request and we discuss about it.