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How we work

No secret

Our business model is no secret: we live from selling professional services to our customers:

  • analysis – we help you to formulate what you need

  • development – we write the application you need

  • hosting – we offer different Linux hosting formulas according to your needs

  • hotline – we answer your questions about the software

  • maintenance – we help you to optimize your work and apply upgrades when you want them

  • training – we write end-user documentation and organize trainings


Our way of operating is inspired by a method we call Synodal Software Development. The collaboration between us and our customers is regulated by simple service level agreements. We usually recommend an all-in-one contract with a yearly or monthly membership fee. We usually work remotely, but according to your needs we organize an on-site worker for short periods.

Our way of operating is good for you when

  • you want a customized database application

  • you want to participate in analysis and testing

  • you want a solution that is both stable and maintainable

  • you want to remain the sovereign owner of your investment

  • you want to continue using our software even when our collaboration ends

Free Software

Note that we sell our services, not a license. We don’t use copyright for preventing anybody from using our software. Synodal software development can’t work for proprietary software. Our software is 100% sustainably free and open-source.

As the copyright holder of the Lino framework and other Free Software products, we care for these products and continuously improve their quality. We want our software to remain free to use, study, share and modify for everybody forever. That’s why we will defend it against misuse, defamation and plagiarism.

Tempting conditions

  • Free evaluation phase: we set up your individual evaluation site with your protected data for up to 3 months. All our services are free during the evaluation phase.

  • No obligation to buy: You can stop your evaluation phase at any moment and delete all your data.