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Our business model

Our legal form is a non-profit organization. If our revenues exceed our costs, the profit remains within the organization who uses it solely for its declared purpose, which is to help our customers with using our software. We gratefully accept donations and subsidies.

Here is our business model.



Synodalsoft will use their income for the following activities.

  • Employ one or several software developers and run a team responsible for development and maintenance of the framework. Optionally delegate this task to a third-party development provider.

  • Employ administrative personnel for management tasks and public relations.

  • Operate one or several Lino sites required as an infrastructure for their work.

  • Distribute donations to underlying free software projects.

  • Refund costs for training, meeting or travelling to their members or employees.

Wages and remote personnel

2023-02-17 Wikimedia Foundation: remote-first and global community of staff