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Synodalsoft and the Economy of Francis

The ideas behind Synodalsoft align well with the Economy of Francis.

Together with the young economists, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who met in Assisi in 2022, we commit in “an economy that creates wealth for all, that engenders joy and not just riches, because happiness that is not shared is incomplete” (Pact 2022).

Here are some quotes from Final Statement EoF Assisi 2022 that apply especially to software development:

  • “We commit to (…) work together with active civil society, science, and institutions, towards the development of the common good.” (3)

  • “We are committed to promote new economic frameworks and sustainable business models that transform traditional businesses and guide emerging ones through a more regenerative and distributive way of doing business.” (6) (compare How we work)

  • “We ask for a new culture of work that prioritizes people’s dignity, acknowledges the contribution of each worker, generates shared economic value, breaking in-work poverty.” (7) (compare The Synodalsoft Worker Guide)

  • “(…) We strive for a balance between tasks and relationships, one that leads to action. We acknowledge that many cannot even think of combining Vocation and Profit. And we are called to change this.” (10) (compare The Synodalsoft Worker Guide)